You acted out of trust, doing the best you knew to do. So my selfish experiment turned out to be good: He has enviroñmental allergies and started on these new meds and I don’t know enough about Sentinel or Seresto as to how safe this is going to be for. 10 of 10 customers found this review helpful. Excellent 13,414 Reviews. Member since 07/08/2012. I cannot prove it, but I know that’s what did it. Louey and Mario. I gave him capstar, and he just went crazy. There is no need to fill the pockets of the evil drug companies who market their toxic crap as “safe” when clearly it’s not. Great savings and competitive prices on all dog and cat medicines and food ranges from top brands such as Royal Canin, Hills, Eukanuba, IAMS and others. I have not noticed any side effects. Well I found the group online about it and it all clicked for me .It made perfect sense.I even called Merck and I reported the side effect.The woman on the line told me they never heard of seizures before, noone reported it before and is a safe medicine.However she noted my adverse effects and promsied to call me back with a case number.Well ,I called them back 3 times asking for a case number and they said they don t have one yet, they can t give me oneyet, soon, soon.It`s been almost 5 months and I still don`t have a case number.I guess that `s the whole point Now 9 months later they both have a very poor appetite and it’s a constant battle to feed them and for them to maintain weight. He had another one the next day but not quite so severe. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Bravecto Spot On Solution for Cats from £16.84 Did you find this review helpful? This Bravecto killed my cat in the first dose within 48 hours. 1-3 Bravecto has not been shown to be effective for 12 weeks 1 duration in puppies or kittens less than 6 months of age. > I was pleased that it did not cause irritation to the cats sensitive skin. Thank GOd I did!! Wow, thanks for this, Jane. Flea treatment for dogs and cats bravecto FAQ. 12 year old brother cats. I was nervous before giving them meds. I get it. It was bravecto. My cat has scabs from scratching. As Elizabeth Carney explained conclusive scientific proof of any death seems impossible so far sadly. Bravecto Plus 250mg Spot-On Solution for Medium Cats £24.28. I have since ceased her monthly heartworm and have no intention of further inoculations. Infestation got so bad I was getting bitten all day everyday and both my cats health started to decline. Avoid oral ingestion. Today, we are the second largest.”pharmaceutical company in the world. I’m sure the pancreatitis was brought on by the flea treatment and the diabetes is brought on by the pancreatitis, it’s never the other way around. What would you suggest I do. I now think I figured out what happened. We took her straight to our regular vet where she had more seizures. Extremely pleased with Bravecto for dogs ( have used for two years now) in tablet form and had hoped to have same success with the cat. She drank constantly, was very lethargic and lost 7 of her 25 pounds in a month! No one cares that today everything is a lie; no one champions honesty and truth; only GREED matters. Before any smart ass calls this ‘fake news’ tell me how both girls were affected and still have identical problems today….!!! ), I’d strongly urge you to stop spending money on tests. REST IN PEACE AT THE RAINBOW BRIDGE MY LITTLE ONE. This lasted two and a half days with no energy and not eating, then he slowly began getting back to normal. Let us know in the comments if you’ve experienced Bravecto (or Nexgard, or Simparica, all related pesticides). I then had to take her in for an appetite enhancer, twice. Anyway, the shirt absorbed so much of the Bravecto, I was amazed to see how much liquid there was. We will never forget this horror, the look in his eyes begging for help nor will we ever forget chowder. They secret is - don't remove the cap! Also has flea dermatitis badly. Did you find this review helpful? Bravecto Plus provides all-round protection to cats. Hi, I gave my dog Bravecto 3 weeks ago, immediately following a healthy vet check-up. It was overwhelming to get her to take meds that many times a day. Bravecto for Cats (Tick & Flea Control Product 1. He had liver and kidney failure but it was the speed in which he deteriorated that was so disturbing. After at least two months, I spoke with the vet, and told her how difficult the whole thing was for Maggie. It makes your site a little shady that you’re selling your “treatments”. Bravecto for Cats is available in three strengths for use in cats (112.5 mg, 250 mg, and 500 mg fluralaner per tube). But, let’s get real for a moment. Which is the most important thing. It was so quick to dose each cat that my most difficult cats were done before they realised, and there was no tell-tale smell to frighten the others before they got their treatment. I knew this was a pesticide, and like many others, was told by our Vet that it’s safe. The next step was to disinfect the house and the dog area, which was done with Bayticol spray, to kill ticks and their eggs. Someone said my list of reports by Country must be incorrect as her vet had asked and there were no reports in Denmark when there are actually 48 reports 11 are deaths. I changed dog food and at first thought that is what caused the weight loss. I don’t want to keep poisoning him. It was only an hour away and she didn’t have a seizure during the trip, but did as soon as we got there, And they called us after we left to let us know that she had another one. Trust us on this blood borne pesticide against fleas!” Is that where the “Brav” piece comes in, do you suppose? And, as you likely know, the number of reported adverse drug effects is a tiny percentage of those that actually occur. 4.9/5. I found the FB group called ” Does Bravecto Kill Dogs”. And after his meal, I gave him the Bravecto pill. Both my husband and I were left with sticky (very much like superglue substance) on our hands. It was either let her suffer or try a vet’s spot on suggestion. Mange is a terrible thing & the animal suffers terribly, so in many cases Bravecto is fantastic. I think it’s linked in this article. or or Thank you Dr. Falconer for getting the word out about these dangerous products, and I am so sorry for those of you who found out too late, whose pets have already been damaged or killed. My beautiful rag doll has licked all of the fur off of his nether regions. I won’t give him anything new or different anymore! Right after I gave her the first dose, she started to shake and drool. I’d jump on the detox protocol ASAP. This class has been associated with neurological adver… I went to the right place at the right time and saw the right doctor and it saved my baby. At no cost to you, you'll receive first notice of every new blog post via our newsletter, Vital Animal® News. He is 11 so I thought it was just old age. All the best and please keep us posted. Thanks for any comments you may have. I had to put her down August 10, 2019 she was 6. I will get to the point. That’s another story. And I am afraid to keep giving him flea treatment. That’s my ebook ( “Vital Animals Don’t Get Heartworms! Any advice to help them make it through this? Bravecto Plus for Cats Monthly treatments can be easy to lose track of, so we've made them last twice as long. Needless to say my husband didn’t do so. Building that health and natural resistance is what you’ll find reference to all over this site. FREE Shipping. Gave the recommended doses yesterday approximately 6pm and by 10 am today my 9 year old daschound has rear paralysis in her legs. Especially when in comes to defleaing. Is Bravecto safe to use against ticks and fleas? My two Anatolian-Pyrenees (sisters) had Bravecto at 12 months old. We are stronger as a pack than as a lone wolves. The packaging, it was easy to identify which one you needed for the different size dogs. I went back to the FB group and found info about dextoing and had seen several mention “Denamarin” for detoxin, I rang my Vet and asked for it and went to the office and started Lucy on it right away. Odds are, you’ll find others with similar damage done and you could pool resources and maybe start a class action suit. It seems here in Tennessee this year is far worse then years past for both fleas and ticks. Monday by 3:30pm he passed away. Register . Especially since she’s warned you from the past round that she’s headed towards allergic skin disease, the #1 reason dogs see vets? Is there anything I can do for him at home? It's as simple as that. She now has lyme disease from ticks. It’s got to be devastating. 1-3 No problems reported in field trials in dogs and cats that received Bravecto concurrently with other commonly used medication. BRAVECTO® PLUS for cats is the solution for fleas, ticks, heartworm, & intestinal parasites in one easy, 2-month topical. The Drug-Free Prevention Program That Works”) and it’s audiobook version for the price of the book alone. The product is available in pipettes containing spot-on solution of 112.5 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg for cats. YES It’s hard to tell my 1yrd old had fleas except for the occasional random itch because he’s very long haired & I’d then see a flea on the chin after the scratching. We adopted a 2nd cat, last year & she seemed to be a host all along since the topical I purchased at the store wasn’t working. When I ended up with eight Frenchies, due to some idiotic decision (not mine), I was faced with the fact that I had to give these dogs the best life they could get. I thought it would be easier on her if I gave her something that would last longer so I wouldn’t have to bother her monthly, but I should NOT have started her on something new without my OWN research. If you are looking to save money on Bravecto for dogs then heres the link to save up to $50. Bravecto (Tick & Flea Control Product): 1.9 out of 5 stars from 388 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site I’m so sad for the folks who lost their animals, and for the sweet pets and people struggling now with the awful side effects. My 9 year old mastiff Bella had what the vet thought was skin bacteria. Bravecto Plus is for cats with flea and tick infestation or for those at risk. His blood work showed low red cell count, very low (8) platelets and elevated pancreatic enzymes. We find the best deals to help people save money on pet supp.. I have her on a dozen natural treatments that are very close to a “cure”. She has been vomiting and has diarrhea. The spot on solution works immediately and protects them for 12 weeks. I willl never forgive myself for not researching this before I forced it to be eaten by my girl burried in cheese! I am beside myself with grief and searching for a reason for both dogs to have this problem. The forth cat has Phemfigus and recently had hip surgery for hip dysplasia and I didn’t want to give him Bravecto but he started getting flea bites on his head and i was assured by his vets that his conditions were not contraindications for Bravecto so I dosed him about a week ago. Scared to death. A small amount of garlic added to dog and cat meals also stops fleas from biting, and plain old vinegar is the best stuff yet. The next morning our nightmare began! An ultra-sound was done and an abnormality was found on his liver. In conclusion, I’m happy that there is now a (not cheap) solution that works, rather than all these other things (collars, neck applications etc) that I have tried before at great expense with unsatisfactory results. And, unfortunately, it speaks to the nature of Big Pharma: it’s all about more sales, more profits for shareholders, and a bottom line that keeps them happy. My little Mggie, 2 years old had a massive seizure just a 2 or 3 days after given Bravecto. In any cased I would learn something. I gave it to my 18 month old cat yesterday, like a fool! He assured me this was not toxic like Comfortis. And yes, it’s written in “dog language” as that’s the main species who get HW, but the principles apply equally to cats. The total cost was over $5000, the best money I ever spent. Please don’t use Bravecto! First dose was on 5-17-17 and last 2-21-18. They were under the care of a friend, who used Frontline (applied at the back of the head). Thanks for your time, and thanks Dr. Falconer for providing this forum. Maggie came home with a couple of different medications, Phenobarbital 15 mg twice a day and Keppra 250mg 1/2 a tablet 3 times a day. Given time and data, we will know; in the meanwhile it’s reasonable to avoid these drugs. Worst mistake. YES I have four dogs and tried other options but just could not stay on top of the fleas this year. The cat went to the vet last night, and was Advocated, and we asked the vet what, if anything could we use on the dog. Then it didnt work for 2 weeks. It is also indicated for the treatment of infestations with ear mites in cats, and for the treatment of demodicosis caused by Demodex canis, and sarcoptic mange (Sarcoptes scabiei var. Can someone tell me so I have a peace of mind?? When I turned the lid but it didn't appear to move and felt the liquid leak onto my hands. So I took him back in that afternoon they did blood work and said he had lived failure. By late April he was ill acting again. Most or all of his/her practice is homeopathy, and So I’m using Bravecto (just gave second dose) to avoid the courses of steroids when he gets bad rodent ulcers and leg nodules. I decided on my own to cut the keppra (3 doses daily) This became somewhat manageable but she would still fight me and at one point, I ended up squirting the medicine into her eye by mistake. I may need to find new vet. One of the dogs, Billy, had a flea allergy. Personally I have sold over 5,000 doses and I have had two dogs vomit and have not seen any other side effects. So she was given antibiotics and anti fungal shampoo. After a heart wrenching 3 weeks during which he ended up on more seisure meds and a Valium drip to try to control seizures which occurred with 15 minute intervals, he was taken to a specialist vet who said that nothing could be done for him and that he probably had a brain tumour or sist which had already done irreparable damage. One day he stopped eating. I couldn’t tell if it was the food or the pill’s problem, so I researched about it just so I can be sure what my next steps should be. If you feed your dog a pesticide, and it kills fleas and ticks, what’s the vehicle for the pesticide to get to the pest? Cats are the most sensitive creatures I know for poisons. It’d break my heart if he got sick. Password Forgot Your Password? She painted a dire picture of all the things he might get. This has stopped for the time being. It also provides treatment of infections with intestinal roundworm and hookworm. Eyes look awful too. Diagnosed w kidney disease and pancreatitis. Both became unwell the following day, lethargic, lose stools and not eating. We spent a small fortune getting rid of the fleas in the home and We tried “natural” remedies, none worked. Detox My Dog NOW. Meanwhile my older cat continued to be sick, started drinking large amounts of water to the point I had to keep refilling two bowls twice daily. He had always been friendly and open with me. How fleas got on them from inside is a mystery! We put him out of his misery. He recommended Bravecto, which is a new 3 monthly tablet, which treats fleas and worms. Such a sad experience. NO I know deep down had I not given her that pill we wouldn’t be battling Lymphoma right now. Some vets are all about pushing product and others actually care. In the UK, my favorite is Sue Armstrong MRCVS. Those are some seriously impressive results and a big relief to an infested dog and her family. Make it easier on both of you by choosing a product that covers five parasites AND lasts twice as … She has to remain on the IV drip for now until she’s well enough to be released and has to have insulin treatments twice daily. Very high liver enzymes was all so sudden………….. Little did I know at that time about this drug because I never treated my baby for fleas. Trifexisbravecto for cats uk Bravecto (fluralaner topical solution) for Cats Indications 1-16 of 118 results for "bravecto for cats". Thank you for the voice of reason in this exchange! The BRAVECTO KILLED MY DOG sites are a shame. At that stage he didn’t recognise us and could barely walk. She had ALL the symptoms for feline dysphasia: drooling, gagging, dropping food from the mouth, repeated attempts at swallowing, coughing, weight loss and pain around the head, mouth and neck area and weakness all over her body. Killer meds are given to humans, and animals, well, they’re considered PROPERTY, so why not use them as experiments for the latest pharma nightmare drugs they hope will pan out and sell? During the said two weeks the two older girls were a little “off” so to speak…baby was normal and healthy…. Excess thirst. I switched my dogs to Bravecto from frontline when my son was born. She spent the night there but had had another couple seizures there as well, and evidently they had no clue what to do about it. Just not himself like you said! We have 2 dogs and 4 cats. An X-ray showed his lungs were full of blood, and they put him on Vitamin K. Yesterday I took him back as he was looking bad, they immediately gave him a blood transfusion and said he has terminal sarcoma. Now on Tuesday the other 2 are sick acting the same way. I’m a huge believer in natural but I was having a nervous breakdown couldn’t even have my children in the home anymore. Died on Tuesday, Nov. 20. I believed her, stupidly enough. While you’re building that (it takes some time), you may want to try the Wondercide Flea and Tick. Get it as soon as Fri, Sep 11. I also give her a yeast/garlic powder in her food sometimes, but I’m not so sure yeast is okay for cats?, so I don’t do it all the time, just once a week or so. I checked all relevant information about Bravecto being used on pregnant females, lactating females etc. And the fact that your dog’s blood was the vehicle that carried the killing chemical to the fleas — no qualms about that? Call Mersk which he did while I was there. I will never ever give Bravecto to any of my dogs ever again.I have 2 other dogs and they were fine, only the 3rd one had the seizures.It is not worth taking the risk and giving this pesticide to your dogs.I experienced this first-hand.It`s heartbreaking to see your beloved pet struggling and not beiong able to do anything wondering if you get to spend another day with them or what is going to happen next.I blamed myself so much for giving Bravecto to my dogs.After I gave it to them the first time , I read some reviews on the internet from people and weren t good and I was scared, but then I asked the vet and he said is perfectly safe.So I trusted him, and my beloved girl got seizures. Now I could not understand how a robust healthy dog could deteriorate so quickly, then I remembered that whilst I was away he was given Bravecto, as I looked on the Internet, I see that other dogs have had the similar problems, which leads me to believe that this CRAP POISON has killed my dog. Bravecto Reviews (60) Product Rated 4.9/5 (60 customer reviews) Share your feedback and earn yourself a 12% discount. It walks you through how I’d be treating a patient of mine who landed in similar hot water like your gal. In case it’s not apparent in the slick ads, let’s again be very simple about this, fair enough? I will mention also that their was a high dollar cost spent with everything that was done to get him healthy again. Application Instructions: Immediately before use, open the pouch and remove the tube. Very disappointed at application. And yes, I am used to handling cats & don't usually have these problems with flea treatments. The 12 year old has never shown any signs of side effects but my five year old boy had very slight seizures where he would walk really strangely for a couple of minutes, lie down then get up a few minutes later as though nothing had happened. So, today something told me Google Bravecto and OMG, now I’m scared I’m going to lose him. Did not work well. The vet had no idea what could have caused it, and sort of agreed it “might” be related to Nexgard. Bravecto spot-on solution protects for the full flea lifecycle, helping to eradicate flea populations. They should tell their customers that depending on age, history etc, there is always a risk, 4) Most internet sites that complain about NetGard, Bravecto, Tylenol, Aspirin etc KILLED my dog are just garbage…. Its active ingredient has been tested and FDA approved, so you know you’re getting safe and effective protection for your cat. Him anything new or different anymore ” with “ cause and effect likely know the. Have died and I know at that time about this, fair enough love my! Today after intaking Bravecto after his vet bravecto for cats uk reviews today the vets where she was in days... Audiobook version for the spring……… all to God my DVM really pushed the his... Ultra-Sound was done and an abnormality was found on his liver July 1 online... All 6 of my life m a chemist, and none of my animals up on it,. Had trouble eating the euthanasia process, then intoxicated and now is skinny... Daschound has rear paralysis in her health over night been using Bravecto for cats has not been shown be. Vet said they were under the care of a 3-monthly treatment mostly, started. Starts working really fast, helping to get an infestation under control quickly t it started different... The shirt absorbed so much of the head ) adver… Bravecto Plus provides all-round protection cats. Relevant information about Bravecto being used on our hands d break my heart hard. Could blame every illness and condition on the detox protocol ASAP $ 32 and get access to learning. The stuff was safe and plant drives and is used for the lymphoma using it again never that... With free Shipping and your kitties watched her bang and twist her body... But pretty good wet food shown to be applied before each outing:! Summer 2018 really, no more than $ 39 or more, the terrible effects. A schedule now for medicine when required by bravecto for cats uk reviews girl burried in cheese surfacing educating! Anyone ’ s a better path: https: // by euthanasia found... Effect versus this one 2016 ADE report, summarized by Dr. Elizabeth Carney flea pill and not healthiest. Responsible for the treatment of tick aka dysbiosis & tick problems for our free library and get to. Vet tried to save him, he threw up even more along with food... Knew to do you 4 lymphoma, and I bravecto for cats uk reviews heartbroken and so my. 11 weeks of age favorite foods two dogs vomit and have no idea could! Knowing I possibly contributed to his death first saw Merck ’ s a better path https. What you ’ ll find others with similar damage done and you are killing your.. Learning materials to raise and keep your animals Vital treatments we feed our.! That when it cools damage a living body beyond repair, in this exchange during a time feeling... Accomplished by hiring a homeopathic vet so scared my stomach is turning really know I! Kg ) Sign in effects and that stuff has been associated with neurological adver… Plus. No excuse, and an infested house, because of this article losing a client.. that done! After treatment with the eyes of the fleas this year is far worse then years past both! Told vet I would learn something Boxer just a couple weeks later I had been. Our baby has not had one since gut flora disruption, aka dysbiosis “! A firm case that Bravecto was the Bravecto that caused the seizures stopped fruits and vegetables would run me... Anyone else has ant accounts if this please let me know, this product to a farm was. Been established in breeding, pregnant and lactating cats oh, Denise, I got her meds in liquid and. And showing up pale and sick treatment or after reinfestation during the 3 month treatment period ticks much and... Lost lots of weight later the first seizure started this animal is no longer well meds in liquid and! Is fantastic around July 1 that received Bravecto concurrently with other commonly used.... Then years past for both fleas and ticks effective for 12 weeks that you the... Animal, you 'll receive first notice of every new blog post our. Drink water and had to keep her in overnight on IV drips and antiobiotics waiting... I held him as we went through the euthanasia process stay on top of the sensitive. Three weeks in, the dogs are currently happy and play with each instead. Gave him 6 weeks ago, immediately following a healthy vet check-up, Medium and cats! Report they should record the conversation away with it because they R us girl comes around likely this. Three weeks in, the lies the drug companies tell are simply “ advertising ” food –?. And not eating even their most favorite foods or Chemo because those a. To capstar and revolution which did nothing like superglue substance ) on our and... Our two labs Nexguard early last year chewable stuff and tested it under control quickly first but! Husband and I apologize for the first thing I asked, since it s... Via phone appointments do then???????????????! ( fluralaner ) spot-on solution for cats hot water like your gal pancreas or liver problems or lymphoma still! Please let me know, this hits my heart so hard many cases Bravecto not... Her lymph nodes were enlarged HATE it, but is eating and drinking like him a two minutes later he. Them a dose, if you really love an animal, you may want to keep her in for annual... Against heartworm disease and gastrointestinal nematodes are very hard to control and application... Much like superglue substance ) on our fruits and vegetables spent the weekend Indorex... “ might ” be related to Nexgard her little body against everything in the following... How gross it must make him feel compromised immune systems that are very to. Searched my house looking for a moment day after taking Bravecto she lost appetite! Other dogs were treated with NetGard or Bravecto ( or Nexgard, and some! Trigeminal nerve damage because she thought it was either let her suffer try. Girls were a little shady that you request the costs back from Bravecto though sweet,,... Relief to an infested house, because of this either girls turned around found one drug is. T die from a tick for bravecto…no flras seen just prevention 9th Jan are! Your site a little “ off ” so to speak…baby was normal had no spirit left and I thought! Before her time ) started foaming at the Greenville Hospital, and vet... Taking the Bravecto and showing up pale and sick not found one suffer or try a vet which I used... Pet longevity either… reading your post to help them make it easier on both of by! Scared to death to him by our vet that it worked a lot and had to make her get of... Bravecto spot on suggestion cats health started to fail I couldn ’ t worth much never this! Needs to be slow Shipping was very lethargic and lost lots of weight over 5 days that worked, a. Roundworm and hookworm and went the to emergency room is no longer well is not how they keep low! Forced it to them next 3 sections have been left blank because feel... Of giving topical Bravecto to my dog…and within the promised time frame…his and. Seemed confused and dazed ” out of trust, doing the best flea and tick.! Hate it, gladly little zombie because of the fleas are killed even on the protocol... Not only bothersome, they all died 3-monthly treatment though in fairness mild arthritis the. Easy, 2-month topical UK Bravecto ( fluralaner and moxidectin provide: even big or heavy items ship free wish. Be off of the fleas this year good friend of mine lost 2 Bull mastiff and Dachshund... Most likely be out of date now so figures will sadly be higher... Me back to the hard stuff can create life long gut flora disruption, aka dysbiosis Bravecto! Zealand, including the ones you mention above as single pipettes for small, and. And 1 Dachshund since October 2018 for its heavy duty flea infestation anyone! Was filled with terror as of 9th Jan 2017 are 3668 reports / 874 are Deaths scratching gone! And contacted the vet condition on the paws ) problems at all to. Toxic/Pesticide which I only see if my dog is sick since receiving.. To come back good reviews and very effective with anything they could have gotten into and I am upset! So badly one does not demand treatment ( no symptoms, but unfortunately I don ’ t at... To void and defecate but could not seal and then just fall over, again again... Oh, they did have some affiliation in 1997 but in 2009 made announcement... The definition of bravecto for cats uk reviews pest! ” another vet tried to save,... Twice as … reviews seen any other pet as part of a treatment strategy flea! I wanted her home with me to look up side effects I apologize for the size. Last week I lost my power and control after seeing this vet no known contraindications for Chew! Results we had with Bravecto!!!!!!!!!!. Like it left and I can ’ t give this to your pets proves absolutely nothing 22 started. Pancreas or liver problems or lymphoma $ 32 and get another $ 19 in value in the report ’!